Alphacel Singapore is committed

to developing the best premium

quality wellness nutriments, using

the latest biomedical science

and scientific research.

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We are dedicated to deliver the most effective, safest products to protect, nurture and strengthen you, so you can achieve optimum health and wellness without the

usual high costs.


Alphacel Singapore is making the miracle of Telomere Therapy 

accessible to as many as people as possible by providing the highest quality products at the best possible prices.


Chief Science Advisor

Dr. Lim Kah Meng (PhD, Biomedicine)

Dr Lim Kah Meng is a professor at both Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and Tianjin University (China), his work involves cell growth, regulation in cancer, infectious diseases, and biomedicine product development. Dr. Lim has achieved the following accolades so far:

Spirit of Enterprise Award (2011) 

10 Outstanding Young Persons of the World (Singapore) (2012) 

Midas Touch Asia Enterprise Award (2013) 

SME One Asia Prominent Award (2013) 

Asia Pacific Brand Award (2014)

Winner of National Conference Research Science Award

Winner of International Cancer Research Award

(Singapore Annual Oncology Symposium)

Dr. Lim is an established entrepreneur, with over 20 years of successful experience in life sciences research including 2 years as a research scientist at an A*Star funded research institute, which included a post-doctorate attachment at the University of Minnesota, USA.


Dr. Lim is also the President of the South East Asia Bird’s Nest Chamber of Commerce and holds over 50 patents in the biotechnology space; including biotech farming, processing, extraction, composition, purification, and cellular delivery. Dr. Lim, well known today as the ‘Father of Deer Placenta’ in the industry and now the ‘Pioneer in Telomere Therapy’, has formulated SURAN in partnership with and exclusively for Alphacel Singapore.

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