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Fan Yang

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19 Guinness World Record Holder  

Ambassador of Vietnam Tourism


"I strongly believe that if I hadn’t been taking SURAN regularly for almost a year to build up my immune system, who knows if I would still be around today!"


June, 2020

Strong Immune System Is So Important

There are thousands of health supplements out there claiming that their product is the best. In the past, I used to consume several of these products from time to time, but none of them had any effect. So when I was first introduced to SURAN, I was really sceptical. However, as product was gifted to me, I had nothing to lose so I decided to try it. 

After a few weeks of consuming SURAN (2 capsules daily) regularly, I started to notice changes in my body and my health. I began to feel more energetic, the quality of my sleep improved greatly and I was able to focus on my creative work much better than ever before. Without a doubt this product is pretty remarkable, SURAN has definitely made a significant difference on my health. In the past 12 months, I continued to consume SURAN regularly, and I found out later that I was really lucky that I did! 

In February 2020, I joined a Global Expedition (led by the famous National Geographic Photographer Amous Nachoum) to the wilderness of the South Pacific Ocean, more than 60 miles off the shores of Costa Rica. Everything went really well until about two days before the end of expedition, when I noticed an insect bite on my left thigh. Although It started to itch, i dismissed it as i thought it was just a simple mosquito bite. 

After i arrived back in New York, i noticed the increased swelling despite all the ointment i applied. By now, the itching was unbearable, and there was now an accumulation of the blood and mucus underneath the skin and the flesh started to look really infected and nasty. I realised that this was a very serious infection, probably from a poisonous insect bite.

When I went to see a tropical infectious disease specialist, Dr. Kevin Cahill, who diagnosed my bite wound as Leishmaniasis: a flesh-eating parasite. This was bad news, as it typically takes 3 to 10 years of treatment to get rid of this virus and usually 80% of the cases are fatal. To prevent further infection and prevent the virus from getting into my blood stream, I was prescribed antibiotics (Clindamycin - 3x each day) and a special ointment Mupirocin. These were difficult to take as the antibiotics were very strong and it made me dizzy all day, so instead, I only took the antibiotics once a day and started taking 4 capsules of SURAN daily. 

Subsequently, the 2nd test analysis confirmed that flesh eating parasites did infect my wound, but Dr Cahill praised my body’s superb immune system and blood. Also, as there was no sign of virus in my blood, he felt that my body’s immune system will probably be able to fight against this infection and virus.  

So I continued with 1 antibiotic pill and 4 capsules of SURAN everyday and after 10 days I noticed that the swelling around the bite wound area started to subside. Right now, a few short weeks later, the wound has pretty much healed! 

I strongly believe that if I hadn’t been taking SURAN regularly for almost a year to build up my immune system, who knows if I would still be around today! It is only by the grace of this bio-medical herbal supplement SURAN that I have overcame this infection in a matter of weeks instead of years!


This was an horrendous ordeal and after this experience, I now know how important it is for our body to have a strong immune system to protect us from the many diseases and viruses we face everyday. 

Attached are some images of what the bite wound looked before and after it healed,

as well as documents from the medical specialists for reference. 

Some of the following images are graphic and may be disturbing to some, viewer discretion advised

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