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Maximum health benefits with minimum number of doses.

We typically consume traditional supplements in larger quantities to see effects and results because the absorption rates of many of these supplements are very poor. For example, Curcumin, is poorly soluble in water and the body has difficulty absorbing it.

Why traditional fat-soluble supplements are no longer the answer.


Up to


of the human body is water.

Whenever we consume fat-soluble substances (like Vitamin D, Vitamin E or curcumin supplements), we waste a substantial portion of these supplements, because they cannot be properly absorbed by our body.


oil + water

do not mix.

Studies have shown that of the fat-soluble substances we ingest orally, only 5 - 10% of the are ultimately absorbed by our body, unlike water-soluble substances.

We waste an incredible 80 - 95% of the fat-soluble substances we consume! These remnants also remain in our body, causing many issues and complications.

This is why SURAN NAMI does not need to be taken in high doses: 

The maximum benefit for the entire body with the minimum dose.

Our body absorbs only 10% of fatty substances we ingest.

Our patented Swiss nano emulsion technology uses nano particles of less than 10 nanometres* and creates a protective shield made of natural ingredients that envelopes the nutrients, making them water-soluble to optimise bioavailability and maximize efficacy. This allows the body to directly absorb all the health benefits from every single drop, even from poorly soluble substances.

This globally revolutionary manufacturing process is the first in its field to be tested and patented, and have been awarded the highest distinction in the pharmaceutical industry.



SURAN NAMI increases absorption

from 10% to almost 100%*.

Maximum benefits can be

experienced almost immediately.


Passionately Created, Meticulously Manufactured

in Switzerland.

SURAN NAMI is manufactured exclusively in Switzerland to the highest international quality standards. Our production facilities are naturally GMP-certified. We order most of our raw materials used for production directly from selected manufacturers using exacting criterion to ensure that product quality is uncompromised and sustainable.


We do not use any additives such as glycol, glycerine, polysorbates or preservatives, but use only water and gum arabic.