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Natural Health Booster



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100% Absorption*  ∣  Water Soluble  ∣  100% Natural  ∣  Swiss Origin

Enhances Energy + Vitality

Vitamin B12 is essential for healthy nervous system and healthy blood cells. The body needs it for the function of the nerves, the formation of red blood cells and prevention of anaemia. It also helps to prevent major birth defects, support bone health and prevent osteoporosis.

It might reduce the risk of macular degeneration, improve mood and symptoms of depression and prevent the loss of neurons. Increases ability to concentrate and improves memory performance. It may also boost energy levels.*

  Helps formation of red blood  

   cells & prevent anaemia

 Boosts energy, keeps heart &

   circulation fit

 Keeps bones healthy, prevent


 Essential for older adults (50+)

  Imperative for diabetic patients

   on Metformin therapy

Vitamin B12

As aging causes vitamin B12 deficiency, vitamin B12 is essential for older adults (50+). Likewise for diabetic patients, as Metformin therapy has been shown to deplete vitamin B12.

Water-Soluble SURANNAMI vs Oil Based Supplements

Our entire range of unique SURAN NAMI products are water-soluble and nanosized.

SURAN NAMI delivers complete* absorption and full benefits of natural ingredients directly into our body. 


water-soluble Vitamin B12

Content (% w/w)

Methylcobalamin        0.03%

Daily Dosing Recommendations

5 - 10 drops a day

Each 30ml bottle contains 600 drops

Physical Characteristics

Form:     100% Solubilised

             Vitamin B12 liquid

Colour:   Pink

Scent:    No scent

Allergen Statement

Does not contain milk, eggs, peanuts,

tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, or wheat.

Consumption Considerations

Our Vitamin B12 is 100% water soluble and can be added to water, juices and other liquids.

Alternatively, undiluted drops may be put underneath the tongue for easy absorption.

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 Minimum Dose, Maximum Benefit


No Preservatives or Artificial Flavours

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