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a Nobel Prize™ winning discovery, telomere therapy is the

greatest unmitigated revolution in biomedicine of our generation.

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What are 


All the cells in our body are made up of our DNA.

Telomeres are the end tips on each strand of our DNA and they protect our chromosomes.

Telomeres affects how our cells age. As we grow older, our cells replenish by replicating themselves,

and each time this happens, our telomeres get shorter and shorter. 

Telomeres determine the lifespan of every single cell in our body.

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are the Source of Ageing

Telomeres are just like the plastic tips of our shoelaces; without these tips, our shoelaces will get worn and frayed, eventually become unusable.


Likewise our telomeres will eventually become too short and our DNA strands (and our cells) will become damaged and eventually die.

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Regulating Our Telomerase


Telomerase is an enzyme in our body which regulates our telomeres. By regulating our telomerase, not only are we able to slow down the shortening of our telomeres, but we may even be able to re-lengthen our telomeres. 


Therefore we will be able to slow down our ageing at cellular level by helping our cells live longer and rejuvenate our old cells to function like young cells.

Telomere Therapy regulates our telomerase.

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Regulating Our


is Critical 

The amount of telomerase

in our body declines as we get older.


Maintaining the perfect

Telomerase balance icritical to

achieve perfect body wellness.


Too little of it leads to senescence

(cells unable to replicate themselves) and too much of it may lead to cancer.​

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Benefits of 

Cell Rejuvenation

Cell rejuvenation has been scientifically proven at the molecular level to be effective for: 

General loss of vitality, physical & mental exhaustion

Weak immune system, Convalescence, Premature ageing, Menopause, Parkinson’s disease, declining mental efficiency, Migraine & headaches , Neuralgia & Sciatica; Atherosclerosis, Chronic back pains, Arthritis & other degenerative diseases, Deterioration of the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver & other organs.

SURAN Telomere Therapy Certifications and licences

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