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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the difference between Suran and other placenta products?

A: Suran differentiates itself from the rest of the placenta products in the market in that it is a synergistic formulation that addresses the smart remodelling of our cells by specifically regulating the function of telomeres in enabling comprehensive cellular wellness and therefore reducing the chance of chronic diseases. 


Q2: Why is the dosage of deer placenta in Suran lesser than other similar products in the market? How will it achieve its effectiveness?

A: Quantity does not mean quality. Excessive quantity would not be fully absorbed as well. Without full absorption, one would be wasting money just to buy high placenta content products. Ours is potent and with the exacting dosage. We are experts in cell biology and we know exactly what the body needs. We are not just  a marketing company, the creator of the product is a high level biomedical scientist. 


Q3: What are the concoctions that are enable to produce a telomerase effect?

A: All the ingredients added together and recombined in a special formula to give a unique synergistic effect. It could not be taken that individual ingredients could ever achieve this same effect. If that was the case, our formulation would not be proprietary anymore. This is precisely why we have achieved what others could not achieve or have yet to achieve.


Q4: As Suran is manufactured in New Zealand, do you have any distribution channels in New Zealand and Singapore?

A: We do have direct selling channel stockist partners, but not retail or franchise partners in these markets. 

Q5: Why is a half-year course of treatment recommended for Suran?

A: Suran is an all natural product which works steadily to build-up of your body's health to cell regeneration and rejuvenation. Hasty and harsh treatments are usually not good for the body, and while it may have immediate sensational effects, it will also have long term side effects. More haste, less speed.

Q6: Who are the target consumers of Suran?

A: Our target consumers are persons who want to reduce the risks of chronic diseases and other illnesses, as well as those who want to remain youthful and maintain their vigor for as long as possible. Even individuals with chronic diseases like diabetes and dementia and joint problems, etc. will benefit from regulation of their cells' telomerase. However, it may not be as effective for acute diseases where fast solutions are needed.

Q7: As Suran repairs our DNA and prolongs our telomeres, what if the telomere gets too long, will it eventually form a tumor?

A: We regulate, not increase the length of telomeres. If the telomeres get too short, Suran has the molecular intelligence to lengthen them. When it becomes too dangerously long, it will have the molecular intelligence to shorten them. Therefore, consumption of our product would never lead to tumor formation.

Q8: Does Suran have a license to market in China?

A: We are applying the necessary approvals and licenses from China and other countries.

Q:9 Is Suran classified as a medicine or food supplement?

A: It should be a smart product with selected bioactive molecules extracted naturally from targeted foods.

Q10: Suran is not a medicine, so why is it able to treat various illnesses? 

A: Suran has the same intelligence as medicine as its molecular bioactive compositions function almost in the same manner as medicine.

Q11: Suran is a biotechnology product, but why is the price much lower than other similar products?

A: Because we have scalable technologies to manufacture huge volumes of precision and highly potent products which lead to our production costs being lower than the usual high tech biological products, which are usually not so scalable.

Q12: What is the Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) about?

A: A*Star is a Singapore government agency in charge of public research and development initiatives and projects.

Q13: How does Suran help solve stress problems?

A: Suran helps to renew most, if not all cells by regulating cellular telomerase. When one is subjected to extreme work related stress, potentially causing huge damages to cells and therefore the body, we could counter by simply able to reprogram and recalibrate these cells intelligently through the smart bioactive molecules in our synergistic formula (present in our product); which in turn prevents and/or reverses all the potential damages that would arise, if these crucial molecules were absent.  

Q14: Are there any side effects when we take Suran?

A: It is a fully natural product with normal pharmacological impact and it has no known side effects.


Q15: Can we take Suran along with other health supplements?

A: Yes, it has no known contraindications or conflicting effects with other health supplements.

Q16: Would you recommend pregnant women and postpartum women take Suran?

A: Scientifically yes, but responsibility and decision should lie on them if they so decide to use it.

Q17: Who are suitable to take Suran?

A: From 2 years onwards or as early as the child is able to swallow. Physiologically compatible with children as early one year old.

Q18: Patients who are undergoing cancer treatment able to take Suran?

A: Yes. The bioactive molecules present in the product are not known to enter cancer cells to cause their further activation or proliferation.

Q19: Can vegetarians take Suran?

A: Theoretically and medically yes. Our bioactive molecules are so small that at that level, they could not be differentiated as plant associated materials or animal associated materials. Strictly speaking, they are universal molecules that are of no relevance whether it is plant associated or animal associated.

Should you have further questions or any enquiries, do contact us here.
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