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SURAN  Deer Placenta

SURAN represents the purity in nature and the positive energy

that elevates our lives for a brighter healthier tomorrow. 

Based on Nobel Prize winning research, SURAN deer placenta is a pioneer in Telomere Therapy. SURAN's Telomere Therapy, an innovative and powerful biomedical concept,is scientifically proven to repair our DNA, reduce aging and dramatically rejuvenate our cells. 

  SURAN not a drug, and contains no chemicals. SURAN is the ultimate placenta based health supplement designed to protect and strengthen our bodies as we lead intense and hectic lives. 


Regular and continuous consumption of SURAN will allow the long term regeneration of our youth, beauty, vitality and health, as well as boosting

our immune system against most diseases. 

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Proprietary Blend

SURAN is a proprietary blend of 9 natural bioactive ingredients in perfect harmony to regulate the telomerase function to reverse ageing and achieve perfect body wellness. 

SURAN contains extracts from fresh deer placenta which are the most potent stem cell activating peptides. Deer placenta is most compatible with the human body as the enzymes very closely resemble those in the human placenta.

( Click on image twice to reveal the amazing benefits of each fascinating ingredient. )

The SURAN 6-month maintenance programme is designed to allow our bodies to fully acquire optimised levels for the maintenance of our telomeres and the rejuvenation of our cells to take effect. 

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